Prosperity and

Sustainability in the Green Economy

Tim Jackson contributes to new publication of the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy



With his think piece Angst essen Seele auf — Escaping the ‘iron cage’ of consumerism, Tim Jackson adds to an eclectic set of essays by co-contributing authors such as Vandana Shiva, Ashok Khosla and Richard B. Norgaard.


Published in honour of Wolfgand Sachs, and drawing on a symposium held in May 2012, Wuppertal Spezial 48 takes the reader through various discourses of sustainable development and illustrates the evolution of ideas around the sufficiency economy:


1 Wealth in diversity

Ashok Khosla: Beyond Rio: from green economy to green society

Marianne Gronemeyer: Über das Aufhören – Entwicklung ohne Wachstum

Vandana Shiva: Seeds of Soil – Towards a living economy


2 Enjoyable limits

Richard B. Norgaard: Escaping Economism, Escaping the Econocene

Tim Jackson: “Angst essen Seele auf” – Escaping the ‘iron cage’ of consumerism

3 Creating commons

Ezio Manzini: Resilient systems and cosmopolitan localism – The emerging scenario of the small, local, open and connected space

Silke Helfrich: Commons fallen nicht vom Himmel – Fünf Commons-Thesen


For more information on the Wuppertal Institute, please visit their website. The publication is free for download and can be read here.



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