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Prosperity and

Sustainability in the Green Economy

From crisis to sustainable well-being

Tim Jackson gives opening lecture at 28th International Congress of Applied Psychology, Paris 8 July 2014


In the context of the global economic crisis, with its various forms across countries and segments of society, this year's congress "From crisis to sustainable well-being" aims to concentrate on the individual and social reactions to that crisis that go beyond economic issues: the question of individual and collective well-being. The 5-days-forum is designed for sharing new scientific developments and to analyse the challenges and effective contributions that psychological sciences and its professions can offer to our societies.


As part of the opening ceremonies, Tim Jackson gives a keynote presentation on  The price of everything and the value of nothing – sustainability "after the crisis".




The International Congress of Applied Psychology is organised by the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP). Founded in 1920, the association grew to nearly 3000 members from more than 80 countries.  Its mission is: "to promote the science and practice of applied psychology and to facilitate interaction and communication about applied psychology around the world". Following this agenda, the congress is designed as a podium for exchanging ideas, developing new projects, and enhancing a friendship network.


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